• Igniting Ambience

The Original Isopropyl Alcohol Personal Fireplace™


We’re a tiny company driven to enable what we call, “FLÎKR Fire Moments.” Maybe it’s coffee as you watch sunrise. Or it’s ambience on date night. Hey, maybe marshmallows get involved; or a hot dog or two get roasted. Need a unique touch for a dinner party? Done. Maybe FLÎKR Fire even provides some emergency light and warmth. Have a moment to share? Let us know! Because this isn’t marketing language for us; we truly thrive on bettering your moments.

"I received my FLÎKR Fire today while I was at home for lunch. I lit it and honestly I hated having to put it out and go back to work. I can't wait to go home, put on a record, have some wine and get it going again! Thanks so much. Its beautiful and I'm so glad I purchased it." - Vince

"We received our FLÎKR Fire yesterday and love it!! Thank you for creating such a fun, well designed and design forward product! You've made our lives a little bit better." - Catherine

"I discovered your fireplace about two weeks ago and I’ve been using it almost every day since I received it. I absolutely love it. A tall flickering flame is a great conversation piece when I have friends over, and when it’s just one on one, nothing sets the mood of the evening like having the lights off and the fire going." - Robert

Intentional Design

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Yep. Inside.

With no soot on the ceiling or carbon monoxide (in a well-ventilated space) feel free to use this as an accent/ambience piece anywhere in and around your home!

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