Better Homes & Gardens - August 2019

FLIKR Fireplace is in Better Homes & Gardens August 2019! It was a rather surreal and semi-confusing moment if I'm honest. Noting the magazines in the checkout line has never been a thing for me. That said, my brain started firing when I noticed a few things: there are more than celebrity magazines in those racks, the August editions seemed to already be out, and I remember months ago being told FLIKR would make an appearance. So after a minute or two of confusion, I reached for the magazine and was thrilled to see, on the back page, our wee little rubbing alcohol fireplace! 

As a small but growing business, we are obviously thrilled at the exposure. It's an amazing thing when people/companies/publications start reaching out not to sell something but rather to tell the world about what a cool thing this is. We owe a huge thank you to Better Homes & Gardens and FLIKR Fireplace is raising a glass to whatever comes next!

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