Coronavirus. Overreach. A different take on local production.

Yep. And then there was Coronavirus. Being made in the States is just something we've always been. For a few minutes at the outset of FLÎKR Fire we debated manufacturing overseas. Honestly running a manufacturing company was never our dream. But we came to realize all the benefits of being made locally. And it was never a marketing scheme. Sadly we find most people ideally want things locally made but in the end aren't often willing to pay for it. For us it is about unparalleled flexibility, impromptu scaling, and instant response to market demands. Making our own molds, developing our cement with a States-side company, and working with local box and print collateral specialists has given us the ability to scale alongside our production levels as needed. And when things like earthquakes, hurricanes, tariffs, and even viruses' hit, we aren't phased. We recently found a knock-off of our design. They even use similar images and wording as what is found here on our website. They're also currently listed as out of stock. My guess is that their container ship is in quarantine. But no matter. We exhaustively study and perfect not only our product but our customer service. If you've tracked our company for the past couple years, you'll see our instruction/warning card has gone from a double-sided piece of paper to a six-page, z-fold manual. We have always utilized large, clear text and attractive images because we want you to be engaged with our attempt to educate safe usage.

But I digress. Coronavirus is by all measures a worldwide scare (and of course some of our American based partners could temporarily shut down). I wonder though if it is also an enlightenment on the state of our global economy. Global commerce is vital and brings humanity together in fantastic ways. But when at first luxuries and then necessities become scarce because we can't trust or rely on the origination, maybe we should examine the sustainability of overreach. 

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