From The Top

A commercially viable, personal sized, rubbing alcohol fireplace was never the goal. It began by living in Seattle for nine years. A city that can be dreary enough became especially so as a high-rise window washer downtown. Missing the massive fireplace in my childhood home, and being an incessant tinkerer who might have taken a few liberties with his landlords' kindness, I decided to have a go at building my own apartment-sized fireplace. I based my designs off a few, "ventless" units I'd seen around the internet.  This didn't work. More accurately, this spectacularly didn't work. Thankfully I'd used tempered glass so the wee explosion caused less bloody than it could have. But rarely deterred I kept at it...for nine more years. It wasn't until I moved back home to Tennessee that I worked up a material that could satiate both the functional and design parameters. And now here we go. It began by wanting a personal fireplace that burned an inexpensive and readily-available fuel. It exists now as exactly that. And what better could be said.
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